How the Process Works

How it Works for Investors

We provide Select Opportunities

CHP-Funder helps locate viable, interesting, exciting CHP investment opportunities. Of the projects submitted and reviewed, we will select and present only the best for listing. Before listing, each project is pre-screened and due-diligence conducted by our team of subject matter experts.

Ways to Invest

CHP-Funder does not negotiate with the project operator; this process is conducted by the investor creating their own deal terms. However, is open to both large institutional investors as well as smaller and individual accredited or qualified investors. You could build your own portfolio of several of these projects or access our pre-vetted deal flow, negotiate terms as a lead investor, identify other institutional investors, or bring investment to us for co-investing by others in this CHP-Funder universe.

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Join global investment professionals seeking superior returns at the intersection of energy, CHP, sustainability, carbon reduction, cogeneration, high efficiency technology and better buildings. Invest alongside top tier venture, private equity and angel investors or invest alone.

Funding Source Profile Detail

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How it Works for Project Owners

Apply for Funding

We look for top tier entities and projects throughout the CHP and energy market. Project owners can apply to here. Our CHP team reviews and communicates with all applicants. If a likely match with an investor is warranted we then set up a conference call and kick off the process. Such a call would typically lead to either a request for more background, more research, or a determination of no match (not a fit). Further, this project may be deferred and we can follow up at a future date. 

Confidential Submission

The application is held in strict confidence, is not shared with the public, and will be shared with investors in the CHP-Funder database who have expressed an interest in projects aligning with their goals.

CHP Financing Options

The CHP developer is the party that is seeking financing to develop the CHP system. The CHP developer could be the final CHP customer and end-user or a third-party developer that is installing the CHP system for an end-user.

Direct Ownership

Internal Funds or

Debt Financing-  Loans, Bonds 

Equity Financing

Third Party Ownership

Lease Financing-  Capital Lease, Operating Lease

Contract Financing-  Power Purchase Agreement, Special Purpose Entity

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Join project professionals seeking funding for energy, CHP, sustainability, carbon reduction, cogeneration, high efficiency technology and better buildings. Explore opportunities, research the market and learn best practices from our community which includes leaders from top organizations.

CHP Project Funding Applicants

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