Overview of CHP-Funder Mission


CHP-Funder is a Marketplace to Finance CHP

CHP-Funder's focus is to align three of the most influential innovations of our age; the meteoric advances in information technology, the revolution in harvesting organic-rich shale gas, and the newest ultra-high-efficiency combined heat and power gas turbines. CHP-Funder.com is dedicated to accelerating the CHP renaissance by coupling the resources of talent and capital. CHP-Funder is helping to achieve the promise of CHP power by activating the deployment of the newest information technology management tools and techniques. 

Perspective on CHP Market

Cogeneration is now experiencing a renaissance and long term growth of over 10,000 CHP plants by 2020. Industry analysts have set a CHP market valuation of over $42 billion dollars. Each new CHP plant will cost in the range of $1 to $10 million dollars and will generate approximately $50 million of electricity over its lifetime. 

Benefits of CHP

CHP improves business competitiveness by increasing energy efficiency and managing costs and also helps businesses weather energy price volatility and supply disruptions. Combined heat and power (CHP) deployments improve electric grid resilience and mitigates the impacts of extreme weather events by continuing to provide electricity and thermal service in the absence of grid electricity. Further, CHP advances our climate change and environmental goals by reducing emissions of CO2 and other pollutants. Benefits from CHP more broadly include diversifying energy supply by enabling further integration of domestically produced and renewable fuels as well as to improve energy efficiency by capturing heat that is normally wasted.

CHP power is hot; and accelerating worldwide. VC's are just now investing in the growing renaissance of cogeneration with combined heat and power gas turbines.

CHP-Funder Mission

CHP-Funder's mission is to revolutionize CHP project finance; helping projects to get funded faster and yield sustainable results, while helping investors to achieve a healthy return on investment and thereby creating mutual financial success. 

Equity & Debt Marketplace for CHP

CHP-Funder.com is an equity and/or debt funding site using efficient web server technology that helps connect both individual and institutional investors with high growth CHP opportunities. CHP-Funder is an online investment marketplace enabling investors to invest in CHP and cogeneration project deployments. CHP-Funder is the premier marketplace for the most promising CHP installations. Project owners seeking to raise investment capital from qualified investors are nurtured, helped and facilitated by CHP-Funder.  This assistance includes consideration of a broad range of financing options including debt, equity, grants, long term supply contracts, and  power purchase agreements.


Cogeneration, also known as Combined Heat & Power (CHP), is an inherently high-efficiency family of technologies to use fossil or renewable fuels to supply energy locally. Heat, power and cooling energy can be supplied to users ranging from individual homes up to large industrial sites, hospitals, universities, mixed-use commercial and retail, and even entire sections of cities.

If you have CHP questions and seek answers, here's a good overview provided by the US Department of Energy.

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